Sneak Peek: Spring Handmade Cavalcade

With Earth Day (April 20th) turning 40 in just a couple days and the {NewNew}'s very own Spring Handmade Cavalcade (SHC) just around the bend (April 24th), today's tutorial takes you behind-the-scenes of a SHC craft night where a few {NewNew}ers get together and try out some green craft ideas.

Q: What do plastic bags, a stack of old magazines, and a bunch of clear glass bottles have in common?
A: Fun & Free Craft Projects!

Quick Papier Mache project:
Boil 1 Cup Water with 1 Cup Flour.  Pour into large bowl.  Mix until you have a smooth consistency of glue (you can work with it hot).  Take your favorite fashion magazine or newspaper, rip or cut out strips of images that catch your eye, and proceed to dip each strip into the glue, and squeeze excess out with fingers.  Now your damp paper strip can be applied to most surfaces or folded into neat shapes.  We made triangles and mini roses:

Try this idea.  Clear glass bottles rescued from the recycling bin are washed and painted.  Rolled up plastic bags are shaped into flowers and inserted for such an effect:
Magazine tear sheets are adhered together to make a fancy tablecloth.  Magazine strips are woven with wire to create a ruffle effect to adorn the table:
Fused bags (plastic bags that have been ironed between two layers of wax paper) and rolled up plastic bags can create large flower decorations like the one shown here:

Want to see more?  
Well, there will be much, much more this weekend.  Make sure to check out the Spring Handmade Cavalcade this Saturday, April 24th from 10AM - 5PM at Berry Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Over 25 {NewNew} artisans will be selling their eco-friendly handmade wares and wearables at this super cool locale!  
See you there!

Virginia Kraljevic