Thing-A-Day 2010 Edition: Week 1

Thing-A-Day is a collective creative challenge that is held every February. The idea is simple: sign-up is open to anyone until February 1st, participants commit to create one new thing a day every day for the entire month and share their progress. Participants can work in any medium and are free to follow-up on their commitment or not.

Here are selected images after one week of progress by {NewNew} members who have taken up the spirit:
Tiny Tomatoe's Nightmare
Warpe Design: Thing-A-Day / Etsy Shop
Cut Paper Cityscape
WabiSabi Brooklyn: Thing-A-Day / Etsy Shop
In The Name Of Love
Virginia Kraljevic: Thing-A-Day / Etsy Shop

Bakers Twine Basket
Pepper Sprouts: Thing-A-Day / Etsy ShopWhere have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
My Coney: Thing-A-Day / Etsy Shop
Postcard #6
mellowbeing: Thing-A-Day / Etsy Shop

Say Anything Penguin
little bunny: Thing-A-Day / Etsy Shop

Mask From A Single Sheet Of Paper
Ikyoto: Thing-A-Day / Etsy Shop
Godzilla Hoodie For Toddler
Felt It: Thing-A-Day / Etsy ShopLove Paperweight
Collective Elements: Thing-A-Day / Etsy Shop

I hope you are as excited as I am to see how everyone's journey continues!