Artistic Process: How did you learn the discipline you work in now?

"I went to the Rhode Island School of Design for my BFA with a major in Textiles. One of the most fun courses I took there was called "Off Loom Techniques". It was all about how fabrics are created without big mechanical equipment like looms and knitting machines. We learned the basics of fabric creation techniques using the most primitive materials - dying with tea leaves and cochineal (bugs), spinning raw wool and camel hair with a drop spindle, applique, pleating, braiding.... It was all about experimentation.

A couple years after I graduated when I was working at a mill where I spent all of my creative time developing on a computer, I'd come home with itchy fingers craving immediate tactile connection to my work. I didn't want to make fabric - I got enough of that at work. So I started experimenting with paper. It was nearing the holidays... so I drifted into making holiday cards for my family and friends. That
first year I wove them. The next year I did cut outs. The following I dyed them... and it goes on. I've now been hand-making holiday cards for almost 15 years. It always starts with a blank white 4bar card. That's the only common thread.

The latest "punctured paper" look came about after a trial with embroidery. I hated what I'd done, so I pulled the threads out of the paper... and revealed the fascinating punctured surface below. I picked up a pin and started attacking the white cards around me. After making 100 cards... I realized I needed to unload some and decided to try my hand at etsy. And warpeDesign was born.