Extraordinary Holiday Garland Showcase at the HHC!

Something very special to check out at tomorrow's Holiday Handmade Cavalcade is a showcase of over 100 Winter Wonderland handmade 10ft long garlands. Several members of The {NewNew} team have handcrafted each one of these using such a diverse skill set, aesthetic, technique, and materials. It will surely inspire your own decorating at home!

Here are some photos of the Decorations Committee at work back on November 19th...TIP: Sometimes your materials will tell you what they want to be... If you are stuck in a rut, try laying them all out on the floor and see if it helps to get inspired.
Tie a simple knot using several strands of yarn, spaced about a foot apart for a frothy soft effect.
This classic linked garland is updated by mixing up different materials and colors for each loop. Check out the re-purposed packing foam used here!
The color theme for the day will be a shimmery winter wonderland, but while sticking primarily to whites, the team effectively mixed in shades of silver, icy blue, and cream to add rhythm and texture.Sometimes serious genius creates a mega mess. It's OK, it probably means you were productive (just blame the dog).Large snowflakes will dangle from the ceiling, balancing the small scale of the garlands and adding a focal point.
A silvery blue origami inspired garland cut from novelty papers you have probably been saving for years...what could be a better way to use them??Felt scraps are quickly cut into freehand circles that will be stapled together like an accordian chain. Alternate the oatmeal, white and silver randomly or in a sequence and see what different effects you get!

Be sure to check out The {NewNew} at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade on Saturday December 5th to see these garlands unveiled, along with dozens more!