5 vendors to see at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade

With 25 new vendors to the Handmade Cavalcade fairs here are some newbies to check out:1. Claudia Pearson - a graphic designer focusing on illustration and working in various mediums, from custom portraits, limited edition prints, silkscreen tea towels, bags cards and apparently everything else she can get her hands on to express her creative talent!

2. McFlashPants - is a collection of jewelry and small housewares made almost entirely from reused, renewed, repurposed, recycled, and reinvigorated materials - gotta love that - and who would have thought a fork would make such a fetching necklace!
3. Can't Afford 'em Crafts - with a focus on recycled, eco-friendly, and handmade, Can't Afford 'em Crafts - uses comics books and even old atari cartridges to make wall and desk clocks as well as journals from upcycled children's books.4. Little Bunny - creating unique greeting cards and prints from her fine line illustrations of everything from this well rendered shark to a mythical Grimpoteuthis that's right, i said Grimpoteuthis . You'll have to see one for yourself.
5. Luis Fernando Jewelry - Luis Quintero uses the fine craft of filigree to create wearable art with gemstones and delicate wire work. Each piece combines traditional techniques, high-quality craftsmanship and a timeless elegance.

Come check out some of these new artists and many many more at rhe 2nd Annual Holiday Handmade Cavalcade this Saturday, Dec 5, from 11 to 8pm at 201 Mulberry Street