HOW TO: Make a Fabric Wine Bottle Gift Wrap

We are all guilty of it. Having to go to a holiday party and the just picking up a bottle of wine on the way. Well this year, perhaps we can fancy-up those boring bottles of wine with a reusable fabric sleeve thats cute and eco-friendly.

I've always been one of those people who never uses measuring cups, and seldom uses a ruler. So in this tutorial we will be using the wine bottle as our point of reference when cutting and pinning fabric.

1. Lay your desired fabric out in your workspace. (I suggest going with a fabric that has a little bit of give as it makes it easier to slip it over the bottle in the end.) Lay your wine bottle in the center of the fabric. The top of your bottle should be a few inches from the edge of your fabric, then cut across your fabric a few inches from the bottle on your bottle. You should now have a piece of fabric that is longer than it is wide.

2. With your fabric face down fold the top edge of your fabric over (the edge that was at the top of your bottle) to create a hemmed edge. Just as you would if you were hemming a pair of pants. Pin down and sew.

3. Once you have the top edge hemmed, place your fabric face up on your workspace and place the bottle in the center of your fabric with the top of the bottle facing your newly hemmed edge.

4. With the bottle in place wrap the bottle longways by gathering the sides of your fabric across at the widest part of the bottle. Pin the two side together while the bottle is still inside the "sleeve" you are creating. Just use a few pins to mark the dimensions of the sleeve and then slide the bottle from your pinned fabric. Continue pinning the side together at the same width as the part you have already pinned.

5. Once you have the two sides pinned (your fabric will look long and skinny now) you can go ahead and sew that newly created seam you have just created. Once that is sewn up you can also sew straight across the bottom of your fabric as well. This will be the bottom of your sleeve.

6. Your almost done. Trim the excess fabric you have from creating your seams. you can almost cut all the way down to where you have sewn. This gets rid of excess fabric inside your sleeve. Then place your hand inside the sleeve and grabbing the bottom pull it right-side out. You can then slide your bottle of wine inside, it should be rather snug which is why i use a fabric with a little bit of give. Gather at the top and tie with a ribbon.