Essentials For A {NewNew} School Year

This fall I'm gearing up for my return to college as a full time student to get my teaching certification. It's been 8 years since I lived the student life and recently I've had to think about all of the essentials I'll need to be a prepared and organized student. Here is my list of some {NewNew} team goods that will start any student out on the right foot this school year.

Since I'll be taking my lunch everyday, this bright lunch bag will be perfect to carry my food:
Oil Cloth Lunch Bag by copabananas

I know I'll be taking lots and lots of notes - a durable and cute notebook will do the trick:
Blue Flowers Notebook by JournalisticTendency

I love my pens, pencils, and highlighters so a pouch like this will fit them all:
Kelp Zipper Bag in Marine by RedBridge

And my laptop will need to be by my side at all times - a tote like this would fit my trusty computer:
Owl on Branch Laptop Tote by muppetloon

I hope my essentials will help give you some ideas about what you'll need to get through this semester.