Make a light box for photography

A few years ago, someone who was helping me with my website told me that my pictures were not really that great. The truth stung a bit, my feelings were hurt, but I knew I had to take better photos.

I decided to make a lightbox to use for taking pictures. Now, it seems that everyone needs to take decent pictures these days. Whether posting to a blog, managing an online shop, or just uploading pics to flickr... a great picture can make all of the difference.

I made a simple lightbox using the box which some recently ordered supplies had arrived in. It was pretty straight-forward. Not too fancy, but my pictures are so much better for it.

Simply cut out holes in the sides & top of the box, cover with tissue paper (or not) and lay a drop-cloth inside the box. I usually place the box inside a sunny window or you can place lamps outside of the box. Place the object you are photographing inside and snap away!

My light box is very rustic and obviously handmade, but once you take the photo, crop it a bit, and - tada! - a decent looking picture. You can use any size box depending on the size of the object you are shooting.

Iā€™m not going to say that I have the best pictures in the world, but they are 10x better because of my light box!

Here is a site with more detailed instructions: Make your own light box

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