Knitta Project: A work in progress

On a summer-like day in April, I headed to open craft night at the Etsy Labs. I came with a project in mind: a parking meter cozy. That's right. Even parking meters need love as they collect your quarters. The meter sleeve is one of 69 for the the Knitta Please project commissioned by the Montague Street Business Improvement District. For more info read Knitting for the Streets.

I'm an occasional knitter with more projects started than completed. With an impending deadline for the project installation and a strong desire to participate, I decided to see this through. Craft night would be the perfect opportunity to get things started.

On my list of things to bring were needles and yarn. Although initially missing in action, I managed to find the biggest needles I own, size 17. The yarn would come from a scarf, the first knitting project I ever completed. I spent my time on the train unraveling 2 skeins worth of yarn. Shortly after arriving at the Labs, my project was underway.

Scarf yet to be unraveled

Unraveled yarn from scarf yields 2 skeins

Several {NewNew} members are participating in the project, including KnitKnit and Kimmchi. They were both in attendance on Monday, making for a lively craft night. KnitKnit graciously provided some scrumptious chocolate pear bread. YUM! Most of the knitters participating are from the New York area. However, word has arrived that member May Luk has secured 4 sleeves all the way from from San Franciso.

Since craft night, I've been knitting on the train. Bigs needles require ample elbow room. So I have to be careful not to elbow someone or take an eye out with my needles. I'm more than halfway done and look forward to submitting it. Stay tuned for an update on the installation on Montague Street.

Knitting Stash on the train

- Red Bridge Studio