Knitta Installation

{NewNew} team knitters by Jonathan Hokklo

On Wednesday evening, the parking meters on Montague Street, in Brooklyn Heights, were transformed from stark grey poles to colorful coziness. The Knitta Please public art project, known as "69 meters" and commissioned by the Montague Street Business Improvement, was installed.

Running late, I rushed to a first floor meeting location in a building adjacent to St. Ann's Church. People's attention and cameras were directed toward the front of the room where Head Knitta in Charge, Magda Sayeg demonstrated how to attach the sleeves to the meters.

Installed with Bike attached

Fellow {NewNew} team members, Kimm of KimmChi, Nguyen of KnitKnit and Lydia of L'elephant Rose were in attendance to install their pieces. Each installer received a clear numbered bag containing their sleeve that corresponded to a numbered parking meter. Kimm headed toward the Promenade in search of hers. Nguyen and I paired up since our numbers were close together. As luck would have it, our meters were across the street from the church. Although one of her meters had a parked blue bike locked to it, Nguyen installed her cozy which features her signature power cord pattern. I installed three, including one created by a friend who could not attend.


Photo by Nguyen Le
Knitta Please: 69 Meters Installation
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Through out the entire installation process, it was evident that passersby were curious about what we were doing. There were a lot of looks. New Yorkers stopped to talk, to inquire, to ask "What's the significance of this?" These fleeting moments with neighbors, fellow Brooklynites, strangers, and visitors alike, may just be the best part of this project.

The project is expected to stay up for at least 3 weeks. So if you're in the Heights anytime soon, make sure to stop by Montague Street.

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