A Thrifty Way to Spend the Afternoon

With the recession looming over our heads, my husband and I have been doing our best to have fun without breaking our budget. Now is the perfect time to go out and enjoy Spring; but how do we do that without spending money? Following Nordea's post from last week, we decided to follow suit and dug out our own rusty rollerblades. With a 50lb dog in tow, we bladed while our dog Samantha "Sam", ran alongside us on a trail not too far away from our home. It's been a year or more since I've worn my rollerblades but luckily within a few minutes, I got the swing of things and we were off.

Sadly, we don't take Sam out too often. She was tired and beat in no time.

A tired dog is a happy dog!
I'm so glad the warm weather afforded us such a wonderful memory! Not only did we all get much needed exercise, we were able to enjoy an afternoon out without spending any money. What fun activities have you been doing that don't break the budget? Please share!

-Wai Sze