Using Upcycled Materials

Upcyle is a term generally used to denote the re-use of materials bound for the trash in the creation of new items. It's generally associated with environmentalism as it reduces waste and promotes imaginative recycling. Many {NewNew} members upcycle their materials into wonderfully inventive new pieces that are each unique.

Search "newnewteam, upcycle" on Etsy or look through these featured shops whose products focus on the re-use of materials. In all fairness, I will go alphabetically...

First we have Beadscarf, who focuses her products on re-using vintage scarves and neckties into new accessories. Items can be custom ordered, turning an old scarf with sentimental meaning into an original Beadscarf. I can't think of a better use for wedding ties or grandmas's old scarf to keep the memories alive in such a vibrant way.

Cakehouse also uses only reclaimed materials in her work, breathing new life into vintage bedding to create napkins, place mats and coasters for your home. Further decorated with her signature llama or cat water-based silkscreen, each item merges the old with the new.

As a self-proclaimed "serial obsessive crafter", Groundsel focuses her crafting activities on re-using a wide range of materials to create bags, wallets and tissue cozies. With purses made from upcycled sweaters, or wallets that began their lives as plastic bags, Groundsel brings an environmental consciousness to her crafting.Paperelle uses mainly upcycled materials in her paper origami, creating jewelry from upcycled Upstate New York maps or Japanese Teen Magazines to name a few, and sometimes embellished with crystals to further accent these One Of A Kind (OOAK) earrings.

All month long we will be featuring upcycled {NewNew} goods, tips on getting crafty while recycling, Springtime features and general about town reporting for metro New York!