Nutella Banana Crepes in under 5 minutes!

In the spirit of February and loving yourself I wanna tell everyone about a sweet treat that you all will love! Nutella banana crepes. February is also the month of "World Nutella Day". This recipe is simple and will take less than five minutes to make. All you need is nutella, a banana, a tortilla, vanilla or hazelnut ice cream and confectioners sugar.

Dice banana into thin slices spread a thin layer of nutella to cover tortilla, spread diced bananas onto tortilla and fold then fold over once again.

Grill on George foreman grill, sandwich or panini maker or cook on stove top in a small pan for 2 to 3 minutes on each side until slightly brown and chocolate is warm and melted.

Next sprinkle w confectioners sugar and top w a scoop of ice cream.