How to Ease Stress with the {NewNew}

...or your home spa day- {NewNew} style!
by Lorina/ The Original Beadscarf

So... troubles with the economy, bah! Fussing with the in-laws, double bah! General everyday significant other, work and other guessed it, BAH!!!

Here's how to deal with it all, with a taylored home spa day from your friends in the {NewNew} Team:

Start with a soothing shower using Nordea Soaperie's Spa Bar

Next, gently towel off and and indulge in the refreshing scent of Sweet Madarine Lime Whipped Body Butter, also from Nordea's collection

Your pucker needs some soothing too! My favorite flavor is Chocolate Mint, like lucious peppermint patties. Peppermint is known to have calming effects while stimulating brain function. For the perfect combination, try Ayelet's Lip Balm.
End your home spa session with your favorite chill out tunes, and fill a small draw-string pouch with a generous scoop of dried lavender from Glass House Supplies. Place the calming scented sachet on your forhead while relaxing on your bed or couch, breathing slowly and deeply and envision all your stresses melting away...Aaaahhhhh....