Be Your Own Valentine- Geek Edition!

The New York Comic Convention descends on the Jacob Javits Center this weekend. In addition to long autograph lines, booths filled with rare comics, sneak peeks of new films, and the latest in collectibles the show floor has a lot of independent artists. {NewNew} member Carissa Halston will be there promoting her original writing and art, as will lots of talented toy designers and makers. Of course the {NewNew} team can help you get your geeky fix year round.

If your superhero costume didn't arrive on time, you can still turn heads in one of these tees-
Mamarobot's graphic long-sleeve tee shows some adorable robot love! Karen's Monsters' logo tee is a great way to show your monster love when you have to leave her OOAK plush toys at home. Ikyoto uses images from Japanese science texts for her unique tees, can you guess what this one is illustrating?

Know a man with a love of sci-fi, robots and/or ninjas? I know my husband would look great in a glow-in-the dark skeleton tie from Jess Witaj, and would proudly sport some of mellowbeing's buttons on his murse manly carrying bag. It doesn't get much nerdier than the number "42" written out in binary! Teddy bears are sweet, but nothing says "I love you" like a cuddly weapon, such as ikyoto's plush shuriken. He can write out a thank you for these thoughtful handmade items on BlueStitchBook's gocco-printed Robot Note Cards.

Robots are swell, but personally I'm a big fan of anime, Japanese street style and all things "kawaii"! Let's start with food, Pulpsushi's namesake necklace looks delicious! The aptly named MetalSugar makes cupcake rings, and cute poo, which is definitely one of the stranger trends to come out of Japan. How adorable are NYCrochet's eared baby hats? They're definitely kawaii!

Have fun at the con, and don't forget to pick up a little geeky handmade goody for your own Valentine!