How to Make a Lantern for Chinese New Year

Traditionally speaking, Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. On the 15th day there is a lantern festival, which marks the end of the celebrations. The lanterns are hung up to symbolize a fresh start to the new year.

Using red envelopes, (a traditional envelope used for giving money gifts), you can make your own lantern to hang. You will need 30 red envelopes of the same size. If you don't have red envelopes, you can use red card stock and decorate.

Using clear adhesive tape, tape 6 envelopes together, top to bottom to form a long train. Tape both sides.

Using another 6, tape an envelope to each of the seams to form flaps.

Once you have 6 flaps, tape together the two outer envelopes of the train to make a circle.

Tape the center flaps together and pinch the outer corners to form a hexagon. Set aside.

Line up another 6 envelopes. This time tape the sides of the envelopes together.

Create flaps like before, taping both sides again.

Once you have the 6 outer envelopes and 6 flaps, tape and enclose like above to create a second hexagon.

Take another envelope, roll up length-wise and secure to make round tubes.

You will need 6 tubes.

Secure tubes on the outer corners of the larger hexagon.

Using red string or ribbon, create a loop through opposite triangles of the larger hexagon an tie a knot on both ends.

Using a second length of ribbon, loop through opposite triangles of the smaller hexagon, then tie a knot to secure.

Ta da!

You can create variations of this simple lantern. For instance if you want a larger lantern, just create an extra larger hexagon and attach to the bottom of the smaller. Or you can find a fish charm (to signify abundance) or Chinese knot to add to the bottom to fancy it up!

by Lisa