How a California Girl Survives a New York Winter

Moving across the country from Sunny California to Snowy Upstate New York was quite an experience. I still recall my now husband teaching me to tie on a scarf that first snowy winter.

Well I’ve come a long way in the almost 8 years I’ve lived in New York. I’m sure you born and bred New Yorkers learned all of this from your mother’s milk. This is for the rest of us.


Probably the most important thing I ever learned: How to put on about 50 more layers than anyone would notice. Thin soft layers underneath all leading towards the big chunky ones on the outside.

These fingerless gloves are perfect for finding your metrocard or keys without talking off your mittens, from ShutterKate.

My natural proclivity is to wear dark melancholy colors to match the landscape and sky (especially here in NYC), but my mood suffers. I try to brighten my day with brightly colored scarves and hats.

Like this bright pink Cowl from SpattersandJayne.


I hate high maintenance. I’m not awake enough in the mornings to do all that. But I never leave the house on a cold day without moisturizing, especially my face, hands, and lips.

I love that these lotion jars are the right size to fit in my purse to keep my hands nice all day, from Nordea’s Soaperie.

Staying Inside

While I spend all summer outdoors, I try to spend all winter (when I can) indoors. I invite friends over. I take naps with my cat. I read lots of books.

Reading made easy with these quirky bookmarks from Beacon Bookmarks.

I learned the hard way how dreary it gets all winter long without enough sun. I’ve finally understood why my husband has to turn all of the lights in the apartment on when he’s home. So brighten up your space with good colors, bright lights, and beautiful things.

Like this beautiful lamp from YoursTrulyxoxo.

If All Else Fails, Go On Vacation

Everyone else seems to do it too.

By a professed California Girl (even if I didn’t know it until I moved across the country)