Cold Weather & Warm Hearts...The NewNew Team Party from a Newbie’s Perspective

If I asked where you would like to spend a cold, snowy, Sunday afternoon your answer would probably be home. So why would anyone brave the cold to meet a bunch of strangers. For the New New Team’s first party …of course.

The January 18th party seemed the perfect time to put faces to all the email addresses I had learned since joining in December. Held at the Bell House in Gowanus, I entered with no idea of what to expect. I was greeted by a group of warm and welcoming people that had tons of advice and encouragement for someone as brand new as I.
There was a huge table of food and great draft beer. As time passed and conversations deepened, it felt as though I was part of a family of artists with similar hopes, dreams, concerns and passions.
The energy was so inspiring I decided to network around from place to place meeting new artists and learning about the history of New New. Although most people knew each other from hours of flea market chats and years of friendship I was welcomed with open arms and engaged in every aspect of the event. I doubt that I could have found a group more organized, supportive and forward thinking than the New New Team.

One might ask, given the recent article about the New New on Esty are they really as wonderful as everyone says? Well from this newbie’s perspective I can offer a resounding YES !!! There is something for everyone in this group and I plan to stick around for a long time to come.

Sarah the food Goddess with a vegan cupcake

Kari & Joanne

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