Great Gifts to Keep on Hand

It's happened to all of us: regardless of how much list-making, careful planning, and shopping we do, we're surprised by a present from an unexpected source.

What ensues is a classic case of mixed emotions: DELIGHT! (who doesn't like a present?) commingles with embarrassment (shazbot - I didn't get her anything.)

You may think it could never happen to you. But we are all vulnerable. Rather than be caught unawares, take a gander at these fabulous, quirky, handmade ideas for gifts to keep on hand JUST! IN! CASE!

Wai Sze Designs Set of 4 Handstamped Thank You Greeting Cards: something for the thoughtful guest who thought to get you a gift though it slipped your mind.

cute coasters are always a good bet.

adorable wrist warmers are another great option.

Ninja Star is a funny gift to have on hand for a last minute guest,
since it is a hilarious ice breaker, and can be used to keep unruly family members in line.

CLine Creations makes a Chinese knotted key chain that is a unique addition to the standard emergency gift arsenal.

And be sure to add these folks to your shopping list so you'll be better prepared next year.

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