Monkeying around NYC: Sock Monkeys for a Cause!

by Lorina/Beadscarf

I have always wanted to learn to make sock monkeys…and sure, I could have searched for a pattern on the internet, but what fun is that??

Then I learned about a sock monkey making workshop that Fresh Art was hosting at the Etsy Labs! Perfect!

Fresh Art is a local non-profit organization which assists New York City artists with special needs and collaborates with local social service, community and instituational art programs to bring these artists work into the public eye. They see the use of art as a tool for healing, growth and positive change.

Sock monkeys were created in the workshop by some 20+ Etsians and donated to Fresh Art for sale on their website so that they may continue to support artists with special needs.

Of course if we didn’t want to part with our creations we could have adopted the little fellas for a fee! Meet Marvin -my muscular monkey!

Fresh Art hosts sock monkey workshops twice a month. For more information please visit

Fresh Art is hosting an exhibit at their Gallery Now though December 13 called “Objects of Affection”.
Visit for more info! Hope to see you there!