Men's or Unisex Shopping: Neckwear Edition

This morning when my boyfriend and I met at the door to go out, coincidentally we were both wearing jeans with matching grey sweaters. Given the limited closet space in our NYC apartment, combined with the fact that the "one-for-you, one-for-me" shopping style is something I struggle to resist, unisex shopping seemed particularly appealing today. So this month check out my posts that are perfect for him or her (or me).

Today's edition is devoted to adorning the gender neutral neck!

Winterizing the wardrobe can be particularly macho with the addition of chains (your car tires get them!) by shutterkate. Pay no attention to the dress on the model. :)

For dressing up, there are ties for both serious and whimsical occasions. Brush up on your fancy knots while putting on these by luckx4, ikyoto and another hit by shutterkate.

Often the difference between a women's necklace and a men's necklace is only the weight of the chain. Switch it out for something heavier on these choices from Sarah Kathleen Warner, Salt and Paper, and Metal Sugar.

Finally, if your interest in men's neckwear is more academic, check out this illustration from Allene La Spina for a fun history lesson.