Jewelry Trends for Fall/Winter 08/09

As the temperature drops and leaves fall, we start putting on more layers and find ourselves reaching for darker hues. After all us New Yorkers love black! I want to tell you how you can spice up your winter garb with some great jewelry from The {NewNew} Street Team following the hottest trends right now in jewelry for the Fall/Winter 08/09 season.

The first thing that is huge now is layering chain necklaces. This is great because we all have at least a chain necklace to start with. To create the desired effect you need to layer with different lengths. Your base would be this Amazing one of a kind piece by Sarah Kathleen Warner This 36" length chain is sterling silver with cast bones and hand carved wings out of acrylic.

A great addition to the multiple chain look is this piece by Brooklyn Things. This necklace is gold fill with turquoise, moonstone and fresh water pearls. This piece would totally add dimension, color and texture to your look.

Your last necklace to complete this look could be one of these hand pierced sterling silver necklaces by Caja Jewelry. Depending on how bold you are you can loudly exclaim for all to see you have some lust or maybe you want to show a more sensitive side with the oak tree necklace.
Bold pieces are all over the place for Fall-Winter 08/09. How better to show off this trend than on your fingers. This sterling silver ring by Metal Sugar is a double ring, you can ever have it customized to show everyone how bad ass you are.

So maybe you want bold but not in such a tough girl way. Well These rings from J Davis Studio will fit the bill nicely. Instead of saying hey I am a bad ass maybe you just want to say HI!

The house ring is such a eye catcher. On the hand it is so awsome!

To continue with the trend of bold pieces we move to your ears. These gold fill earrings from Lingua Nigra are very dramatic and elegant. They are 3" long and absolutely stunning.

Or if you are looking for something more fun and colorful try these yellow acrylic earrings by Pulp Sushi. I love the skulls they look like they are smiling but it might be the color yellow just makes me smile. They are also right on the next trend I am going to talk about COLOR!!

Color is important this season. With all the dark colors we inevitably find our selves wearing color is the perfect accessory for this season.

The earrings by Jantar are of red coral they are so cute they kinda look like Chiclets which I love!

These earrings by knit knit are just so adorable. They are hand felted, dyed and embroidered. They are perfect for this cold weather that is upon us.

This bracelet really embodies this trend I have been talking about. The green jewel tone color is right on. The piece is really a statement piece that will make you feel really powerful! This bracelet is by Adorments NYC and is made of vintage and new glass beads and spikes.

The last tend is wood. With everyone being so Eco conscious now we are seeing it spill into fashion through designs and patterns so it is only logical to see it in accessories.

This "wood" ring is by Salt and Pepper. It is made of polymer clay and completely fooled me! It looks like real wood with silver inlay, it is just so cool!

These wooden hoop earrings by Joanne Tracey Designs are the perfect large neutral piece you need to spice up your winter wardrobe!

These are just a few samplings of right on trend jewelry accessories for this season from The {NewNew} Street Team. I hope this helps for you to look fabulous this season!


WEDDINGS: Something Blue

Well, the old saying goes "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE" will bring brides good luck on their wedding day. I'm not sure how many brides still practice this tradition, but it is a great way to add a dash of color to your wedding day. Here is some locally made jewelry for brides-to-be and the groom.

Earrings by [from left] crystal by Honorata, amazonite by JoanneTracyDesigns and crystals and moonstones by Kimmchi

Necklaces [from left] shell bead necklace by DewOnAPetal, MTLopez9
Cufflinks by WabisabiBrooklyn, cameo ring by PulpSushi.

So keep that superstition alive and well with some creative and funky choices to enliven your wedding attire.


An Eco-Friendly Accessory

Alright ladies, you all know you do it, and some of you men too out there with your ties. Someone gives you a gorgeous silk scarf or tie, and you love it, but does it ever see the light of day? My guess is not so much. I’m guilty too! Those scarves are so amazing, but how to wear them? So we just tuck them away in our closets or drawers in the hope that someday they may be used. Or we lie to ourselves, saying that we will make a pretty cushion cover out of it, or wrap our hair-dos in it. But instead, the scarf makes many friends back there in that drawer since chances are, we’ve collected more than a few of these treasures.

Well have I got a solution for you! Not only is it eco-conscious, it’s also fashionable, can be sentimental, and has a catchy name too! The Original Beadscarf® is a great way to recycle your gorgeous scarves into a beautiful one-of-a-kind accessory that you can wear anywhere!

I can use any size scarf for these creations. By carefully manipulating a scarf around recycled beads, I create an adjustable length accessory that can be worn as a necklace.

You may have seen similar styles before. However,
The Original Beadscarf® can be custom made from scarves and ties that carry sentimental value. I have been commissioned to create Beadscarves with materials that previously belonged to grandmothers or late husbands.

Since it is made from repurposed materials The Original Beadscarf® is an eco-friendly accessory. It's environmentally responsible, and it makes a statement that everyone can relate to.

So go on, dig up those ties, scarves, skirts, blouses or other silk fabrics you’ve tucked away for a special project. The Original Beadscarf® is the special project they’ve been waiting for!


Tip of The Day For Jewelry-Makers

I'm sure that many of you have invested once or more than once for the necessary pliers needed in many jewelry-making projects by buying them directly from a bead shop or a jewelry supply store, and I'm sure that you were many times disappointed with not only the price but the quality. However, there is an alternative. Kmart's tool center!

A couple weeks ago, I was looking around the Kmart aisles, and I came across a set of pliers, which, although do not look like the ones that one is taught to work on jewelry with, are excellent for wire-wrapping and such.

If you go to Kmart's online store, the product is called "COMPANION 4 pc. Mini Pliers Set" for $9.99. However, I was able to purchase the exact same set of pliers from Kmart a couple weeks ago directly from a Kmart shop for just over $7. So, I recommend that you purchase directly from a Kmart store instead of online, which also saves on shipping costs.

The cutter of the aforementioned set is amazing! It works so well.

One just needs to get over the fact that the tools are not of the same exact look as typical jewerly-making ones. The only type of plier that is not in that set is the long round nozzle one, for which I have not seen a version outside of jewelry supply shops yet, but I will keep my eyes open for it.

If you want to order the above mentioned plier set online from Kmart, just go to: and select the "COMPANION 4 pc. Mini Pliers Set."

Not only are those above mentioned pliers CHEAPER than what jewelry supply places offer, but they WORK BETTER. I'm thrilled about how well they work, and it has cut some time out in terms of how long it takes me to wire-wrap a pair of earrings tightly closed.

In sum, I hope that this little tip proves to be helpful to many.

Best Regards to All!

Anna (a.k.a. Ania)
(of and and

Jewelry Workshop at Etsy

On February 3rd, Etsy Labs had a beginner's jewelry workshop with Danielle, aka which I attended with about five other women. I got to meet some great ladies - one of whom, was, another member of The {NewNew} Street Team (it was great to meet you!).

I do some jewelry on the side but really wanted to brush up on my technique - and this class was perfect for that. Danielle went over the basics of wire working, wrapping and polishing using the flex shaft. I learned that a bic pen is the perfect size to form ear wires and that I need to get myself some polishing compound! I go back next week for a mini workshop on soldering and the torch - I can't wait!