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The {New New} Toy Shops

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Purty Bird - I started making paper-mache birds (what PurtyBird was about originally) back in grad school when I wanted to give my mother a cute ceramic pig that I had seen in a gift shop window (she collects pigs) but didn't have the money. I decided to try making her a rough equivalent for Christmas. I chose to work in paper-mache because it was accessible---as a grad student I had an abundance of paper to work with, and the rest of the ingredients were cheap, even to me! In the process of realizing my vision I created a veritable barnyard of pigs and other potential animals. One of the non-pig-like body forms resembled a bird. I impulsively gave it a beak. Encouraged by the result, I added wings and a tail. I painted it as I had my mother's Christmas pig, covered in flowers. The result made me laugh so I made another, and another, and another, giving the more successful ones away as gifts. Everyone who got one said I should sell them somewhere. Being up to my neck in dissertation research at the time, I couldn't explore the possibility.

The {New New} Paper Goods Shops

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Alton Weekes - Alton Weekes is a lifestyle design studio that specializes in hand-crafted stationery products(greeting cards, invitations, announcements, notes and all things paper). Our products are carried by specialty shops and museum gift stores.

Aperture Agog - Even after 9 years in NYC it is a city I'm excited to wake up in every day. I photograph small moments of life in NYC that I love to share with you. All photographs are printed on premium quality, acid free, archival paper. I hope the moments I grab the world are ones you enjoy too.

Bluestitch Books - I have been making books for over ten years. I love typography. If i can can make a book that somehow incorporates type, I am a happy girl. I started printing notecards inspired by vintage appliances and patterns.

In Stitches - "In Stitches" was born literally overnight, after visiting a craft fair. I always enjoyed collage work and combining it with stitching was actually quite spontaneous. I consider my cards small pieces of art. Each and every one of them starts with nothing particular in mind and ends up taking a witty personality if its own. Even though these pieces are designed as postcards and bookmarks, their actual use is left up to its owner. They can be gifted, given as valentines or greeting cards to that special someone, collected and framed individually or as part of a series.

Designs by Aliza - love to make beautiful things. Especially out of paper. I create scrapbooks to tell life stories, record memories, and just to hold on to the sensory experience of photographs on paper. I also create note cards, with custom cards available by request. I am constantly looking how to enhance more everyday items with paper and glue.

Fisk & Fern - I'm Laura Fisk and am an illustrator and printmaker working in brooklyn, ny who got the printing bug early working at a stamp store in high school. The first time I carved a stamp I was hooked on the idea of taking an image from my head and being able to print it on almost anything. Piles of carved stamps spun into exploring every type of printmaking I could, and am still exploring. The bright colors in screenprinting allow me to bring my weird little creatures and monsters to life.

Gramkin Paper Studio - Gramkin Paper Studio is the place for modern personalized stationery and invitations. That includes our popular GLIB GREETINGS and COURTESY CARD line of paper goods

Little Bunny - I have been making books for over ten years. I love typography. If i can can make a book that somehow incorporates type, I am a happy girl. I started printing notecards inspired by vintage appliances and patterns.

PriaVanda - Using satin ribbons and a unique technique to basket weave her handcrafted products, designer PriaVanda has found the perfect medium to create the structures for her line.

“I began weaving ribbons through plain bamboo mats to dress them up and was suddenly inspired to add this touch to everyday items. I was drawn to stationery because I cannot live without my day planner and that was the first product I created. The line grew from there’, notes PriaVanda.

The {NewNew} Knitting Shops

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hellomello handspun - I am a mixed-media artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Hopelessly obsessed with all things fiber, textile, vintage and kitsch, the only thing keeping my many collections from growing out of control is the lack of space in my tiny NYC apartment. Almost any night of the week you’ll find me curled up with my kittens and a pile of test knitting or spinning my way into the wee hours of the morning in my over-crowded living room. Well, it’s cozy to us anyway....

LAI GRAI - under the banner of FIBER ART, i can: spin, dye, card batts, knit, crochet, weave, embroider, felt, sew and experiment with every range in between.

with LAI GRAI you can find fiber art to suit your every desire- from wearables to materials- each crafted as functional art.

Wai Sze Designs

Hi! My name is Wai Sze and I'm a new member to the group. I'm so excited to be here! Growing up, I've always been into crafts - be it knitting, cross-stitch, paper, polymer clay and even jewelry. At the current stage of my life, I can say that I'm finally focused and right now I'm all about scrapbook paper and everything I can do with it! I make greeting cards, altered tin favors, scrapbooks & gift tags! My etsy shop has given me a renewed sense of how great life can be once you've realized what your passion is. To all those that have been struggling to do something, either big or small, find your passion and focus on what makes you happy. That's really all that matters!

Here's a few of my recent work that I am very proud of.

A wedding scrapbook done for a client as a gift. The theme: pink and each page included the pre-planning and stages of the brides wedding.

I dated my boyfriend for 8+years and finally got married last September. These wedding favors epitomized all the DIY work I did for our big day. Now I offer these to other brides for their weddings.

Gift tags are so fun and you can use it for anything. I really love how these turned out and by far one of my favorite in my collection of tags!

Hope you've learned a bit about me. Again, I'm thrilled to be a part of New New and hope to be an integral part of the team.

All the best, Wai Sze



The {New New} Bath & Beauty Shops

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Oonagh Naturals - I started creating these products for my personal use when I couldn't find commercial products that satisfied me. It seemed like all the so-called natural products for sale at Whole Foods or my local health store still contained plenty of chemicals. Did you know, for example, that "emulsifying wax" is not wax at all, but actually contains sodium dodecyl sulfate or polysorbates? Don't get me started... Anyhow, after becoming really frustrated trying to find wholesome personal care products for my family, I decided I'd simply start making them. And that's how Oonagh was started.

PureSpa2 - Pure Spa Squared was born of a constant need to find new lotions & potions for my skin. As soon as I found one I loved, it was either discontinued or the formula changed.

I am offering things that I love in hopes that you will love them too. I believe in natural or near products. So everything here is as close to nature as I can get it without sacrificing quality.

Nordea Soaperie - Handmade soap is a special treat that I want to share with you. I make all of my soaps in small batches w/lots of attention to detail.

Soapmaking is about using specific ingredients to create a unique, handcrafted product.....it's about finding the perfect balance. Soap should clean, but not overly dry out your skin.

My preferred method of soapmaking is hot process. I find that I have more freedom and greater control of the resulting soap. I especially love being able to add special oils and additives that takes my soap to the next level! Handcrafted soap is about taking the best of what nature has to offer, and putting it into a bar for your bathing pleasure! Enjoy your shower!