How To Make Wings for your Halloween Costume

You can use these to make wings of all different shapes, sizes to suit your needs. I’m purposely making strangely small oddly shaped monster wings.

What you’ll need:
Wire hangers
Panty hose (any color)
Decorations: Fur, feathers, sequins, whatever you have
Felt, fur, or other thick fabric
Sewing machine (optional)

Start with your two wire hangers. Shape them into a wing each. If you want bigger wings, try shaping your own from larger pieces of wire. If you’re using hangers, straighten the hook on each and wind them together.

Take a pair of panty hose, the color may determine what kind of wings these are, I’m using black. Don’t be shy to paint or dye the panty hose to get the desired effect.

Cut off the legs and stretch a leg over each wing. Pull the opening towards the center where the wings will connect together (at the hook part of the hanger).

Measure two strips of elastic of the same length around your arms and to the middle of your chest, comfortable, but with some tension.

Take two pieces of felt or fur (I’m using 4” x 4”) and glue or sew the two pieces together with the pantyhose, ends of the elastic loops and hook part of the hanger tucked inside. If you’re using a sewing machine like me, don’t try to sew over the wire hangers. Make sure that you sew over the pantyhose and elastic though, so they stay firmly in. Even if you’re gluing the two pieces, I recommend putting a few stitches in over the elastic bands the pantyhose, even by hand, for added security.

Now time to decorate! Glue, sew, paint your wings to your heart’s desire!

Try your new wings with a fairy dress, or a white gown and halo, or with butterfly antennae. If you’re like me, maybe you have some other purpose for wings. I can’t wait to finish my monster costume to try on with my new wings.

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