Super Easy Brown Sugar/Lavender Scrub!

I cook the same way I sew... Recipes and patterns are really just a guideline! This would explain why I am not a chef OR a seamstress ;) I did a lot of research on homemade scrubs a while back when i was thinking of fun bridesmaids gifts. This is the concoction that I came up with. It is so easy to make. I used all organic ingredients where I could, but most of the needed things are already in your kitchen. Your skin will be very smooth and smell like lavender.. ahhhh!

Brown Sugar/Lavender Scrub Ingredients

2 cups brown sugar (I used organic.. it is a bit chunkier)
1 cup sea salt
1/2 cup oil (You can mix olive and canola if you'd like. I used all olive oil and it can smell a bit "salad-y")
1 Tbsp Vitamin E oil
1 Tbsp Lavender essential oil


mixing bowl
container for finished scrub. (I used a re-sealable mason jar. It is nice to use for a gift... you can tie a ribbon around it, or design a label for the top if you're feeling ambitious!)


1. Combine the brown sugar and sea salt in a bowl.

2. Once these are combined nicely, add the oil. Once those are all mixed together add the Vitamin E oil and Lavender oil.

3. Put your finished scrub into your container and enjoy!

Be careful in the shower because the oil can make the tub a bit slippery.

"Green" Beauty

Here's a quick and easy tip for maintaining a youthful look:
Take off your makeup before you go to bed!

Don't be a bum about this, for it truly can be an easy way to lessen the dreaded wrinkles and crows feet from forming on your face any sooner than they need to.

I know for some it can be a pain to remove makeup, and products out there for the task can be dreadfully wasteful or harmful to the environment. So, I propose a two-step green beauty solution...

1. Use a combination of olive oil and water as a natural oil-based makeup remover.
2. Use wash cloths or makeup removal pads (see image above) that can be washed and reused instead of buying cotton balls and other throw-away removal items.

Think of all the cotton balls you'd save, and how appreciative your skin will be if you take these easy steps to a beautiful you!


Why Buy Handmade?

While many of us enjoy buying beautiful, hand-crafted goods, we don’t always think of the positive impact our purchases have on our lives and community. In support of our Indie-pendence theme this month, I have 5 reasons to buy handmade.

1. Supports Local Economies
Buying from local businesses (crafters and artists) that are buying their supplies locally, you are putting your money back into the local economy, instead of large conglomerates that funnel their money to a headquarters across the country or across the world.

Skirt by BetterThanJam

2. Builds Community
Supporting local artists allows a flourishing artistic community. It’s not just the local artists that benefit. It invites more galleries and boutiques as well as community artists projects, gardens, murals, arts education, and more.

Painting by ArtByIris photographed in front of the Brooklyn Bridge

3. Better Quality Goods
You know exactly what’s gone into each product and can speak with the crafter about the why and how of making each piece. In addition to the detailed craftsmanship, many handmade goods are made from natural or recycled materials. This and making the products to last for generations instead of years lessens our impact on the natural world.

Veggie Garden Soap Bar by NordeaSoaperie

4. More Beauty in Your Life
Many mundane and practical pieces used in everyday life can be enhanced by using instead beautifully crafted handmade goods. Beauty makes the soul rest easier and smiles more prevalent.

Cloth Napkins by Cakehouse

5. Responsible Buying
No sweatshops, less than minimum wage workers, nor corporate outsourcing. It feels good to be connected to where our goods come from, to know that each piece was made with joy and completed by one or maybe a handful of people.

Robot Card by MamaRobot

Supporting handcrafted goods means we can become responsible for where our money goes and what we bring into our lives: beauty, health, and community.

Friday Night Beauty Tip

Beauty, it is said is "in the eye of the beholder". Living in a culture and working in the fashion industry where external beauty can become an obsession I was pleased to find an anti-fashion designer. “Ma Ke, a chinese designer, abhors assembly lines. The trademark of her majestic line is based on burying the clothes in dirt to allow nature and time to put the finishing touches on her work.” There is a movie debuting at the Toronto film festival about the contrast between mass produced and her garments entitled ‘Useless’. I found her through a short clip on the selvedge website, she speaks about hand made objects containing emotions, emotions of the crafters. This was so poignant I wanted to share, beauty is not only the external of the objects we create but also the quality of our emotions while we create them.**selvedge, is a textile magazine focusing on non traditional forms of textile. It also showcase unique crafters and crafts.

Friday Night Beauty Tip

Since this winter weather will keep many of us indoors with a little extra time, I wanted to share some beauty tips you can do at home. There is nothing better for the skin than natural, preservative free products. And what better than some you can make yourself! One of my favorites is face scrub used every other week (oily skin) or once a month (normal/ combination), it can make any complexion radiant and help promote cell rejuvenation.

The scrub I craft is a dry oatmeal base scrub and an ‘essential’ water that is mixed together before use. I currently make two types, one a rose-lavender blend shown in picture for normal/combination skin and the other a new blend, tea tree-green tea for oily skin. The green tea used I bought in Korea and it was part of the first picking, the aroma is light and herby when mixed with the tea tree 'essential' water, it is by far my favorite. Both will be available at the Brooklyn Home Show.

Following is a recipe made with Chamomille (anti-inflammatory and redness reducer) suited for this killer weather, it takes approx 10 minutes start to finish, try it!

5 Tablespoons quick cooking oatmeal – grind fine, hand grinding would be best for this amount

1 1/2 Tablespoons Chamomile Tea – try brewing the tea in half a cup for a strong golden color

Mix the two above and let sit together for 2-5 minutes, the mixture will cool and become paste. Once ready take a small amount, what ever two fingers can ‘scoop’ out and use over face and neck. Use circular motion and soft pressure, the oatmeal will be fine enough to do its ‘scrubbing’ without aggressive efforts. Remove by washing with warm water and pat dry. Any left over can be refrigerated up to a week.


by Josie