recycled bath mat

recently the towel that my husband has been using since college (!) sustained some injuries that made it unusable:

unusable as a towel, that is. as the base for a new bath mat, it was perfect. and so i embarked on a project to dress up our bathroom.


- an old towel
- a yard or so of fabric that you'd like to place your just-out-of-the-shower feet on [i used the ruffle from an old bedspread]
- pins
- needle and thread, or sewing machine


1) cut your towel into two equal-sized rectangles, at whatever size will fit best in your bathroom.


2) iron your fabric, and cut it into strips that are 4-1/2" wide, and 4" longer than the sides of your rectangle in length (so, unless you've cut squares out of your towel, you'll have 2 strips of one length and 2 strips of another).


3) iron down a 1/4" fold on each of the long sides of the strips, then fold in half and iron the whole strip flat, until it looks like this:


then fold back 2" at the short ends of each strip, and iron down.


4) place the two rectangles of towel on top of each other, lined up neatly. then place the strips of fabric under the edges of the towels and fold them over at the crease that you ironed in, so that they create a border. follow the photos below to make neat corners:


5) if you like the way it looks at this point, just sew a straight stitch along the inside edges of the border, being sure that you catch both the front and back edges, and you're all done!


6) however if, like me, you're not crazy about the color of your towel, or just want more of the fabric in the design, or just want to make life more difficult for yourself, you can keep going. i decided to fill in the middle with a lattice design, like the back of an old lawn chair. if you are going to go this route, don't sew that broder fabric down just yet....


start by cutting a bunch of strips of fabric in a width that looks appealing to you (i used 2"). remember to add a 1/2" to that width for finishing the edges. measure the open space of your mat that you need to fill, and figure out how many strips you need to cut to fill it. for length, cut them an inch longer than the open space, to allow for them to overlap (or, acutally, underlap) with the border fabric.

iron down a 1/4" on each of the long sides of the strips, then sew them down with a straight or zig-zag stitch.


**if you are working with a fabric that's prone to fraying, add 1" to the width that you decide on for the strips, and fold the edges of the fabric over on themselves again before sewing down.

7) weave the strips together...

CIMG1098 them around the edges, and baste them to the towels.

8) then put the border fabric back in place, fold it over the lattice, and pin it down. sew a straight stitch along the inside edges of the trim, being sure that you go through both the front and back edges.


and that's all!


- cakehouse

Bath Time with the {NewNew}

Nesting makes me think of nighttime and all those lovely rituals that make me feel cozy and warm. If I had a quiet night to myself, I would take a nice, long, steamy bath. Here are some great NewNew Team items that I would definitely have for my dream bath.
My bathroom would have this lovely print on the wall, from SpinachNPeace.

I would use these wonderful soaps from nordeasoaperie.

Along with these cloths from EcoKate.

I would soak forever with this soothing eye pillow from loveforever.

Jedd, a shark monster from KarensMonsters would keep guard and protect me.

And, of course, I would have to wear my little duck ring from metalsugar.

Wish I did not have to wake up from this dream!

The {New New} Bath & Beauty Shops

For more Accessories from the Metro New York area - search: newnewteam, bath and body on Etsy

Oonagh Naturals - I started creating these products for my personal use when I couldn't find commercial products that satisfied me. It seemed like all the so-called natural products for sale at Whole Foods or my local health store still contained plenty of chemicals. Did you know, for example, that "emulsifying wax" is not wax at all, but actually contains sodium dodecyl sulfate or polysorbates? Don't get me started... Anyhow, after becoming really frustrated trying to find wholesome personal care products for my family, I decided I'd simply start making them. And that's how Oonagh was started.

PureSpa2 - Pure Spa Squared was born of a constant need to find new lotions & potions for my skin. As soon as I found one I loved, it was either discontinued or the formula changed.

I am offering things that I love in hopes that you will love them too. I believe in natural or near products. So everything here is as close to nature as I can get it without sacrificing quality.

Nordea Soaperie - Handmade soap is a special treat that I want to share with you. I make all of my soaps in small batches w/lots of attention to detail.

Soapmaking is about using specific ingredients to create a unique, handcrafted's about finding the perfect balance. Soap should clean, but not overly dry out your skin.

My preferred method of soapmaking is hot process. I find that I have more freedom and greater control of the resulting soap. I especially love being able to add special oils and additives that takes my soap to the next level! Handcrafted soap is about taking the best of what nature has to offer, and putting it into a bar for your bathing pleasure! Enjoy your shower!