How To Make Wings for your Halloween Costume

You can use these to make wings of all different shapes, sizes to suit your needs. I’m purposely making strangely small oddly shaped monster wings.

What you’ll need:
Wire hangers
Panty hose (any color)
Decorations: Fur, feathers, sequins, whatever you have
Felt, fur, or other thick fabric
Sewing machine (optional)

Start with your two wire hangers. Shape them into a wing each. If you want bigger wings, try shaping your own from larger pieces of wire. If you’re using hangers, straighten the hook on each and wind them together.

Take a pair of panty hose, the color may determine what kind of wings these are, I’m using black. Don’t be shy to paint or dye the panty hose to get the desired effect.

Cut off the legs and stretch a leg over each wing. Pull the opening towards the center where the wings will connect together (at the hook part of the hanger).

Measure two strips of elastic of the same length around your arms and to the middle of your chest, comfortable, but with some tension.

Take two pieces of felt or fur (I’m using 4” x 4”) and glue or sew the two pieces together with the pantyhose, ends of the elastic loops and hook part of the hanger tucked inside. If you’re using a sewing machine like me, don’t try to sew over the wire hangers. Make sure that you sew over the pantyhose and elastic though, so they stay firmly in. Even if you’re gluing the two pieces, I recommend putting a few stitches in over the elastic bands the pantyhose, even by hand, for added security.

Now time to decorate! Glue, sew, paint your wings to your heart’s desire!

Try your new wings with a fairy dress, or a white gown and halo, or with butterfly antennae. If you’re like me, maybe you have some other purpose for wings. I can’t wait to finish my monster costume to try on with my new wings.

Karen's Monsters


Well, fall is definitely in the air, and though it may look to be a wet one, grab your umbrellas, and check out....
SATURDAY September 27 + 28 - find KarensMonsters taking a roadtrip up to Ithaca for the Apple Harvest Festival (monsters promise not to eat all the apples until after you get there...). Festivities will take place right in downtown Ithaca - see their site for more details, including festival hours.
Also Saturday and Sunday is your friendly neighborhood Brooklyn Indie Market with different vendors filling the tent each week at Smith and Union in Carrol Gardens. This week you can find decoupaged jewelry - made right here in the County of Kings by WabisabiBrooklyn, hip new fall skirts and ponchos - or skirt/ponchos from Fofolle and playful ceramics by MayLuk - just to name some of our featured artists who will be there this weekend.

SUNDAY September 28:
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G to Clinton/Washington. More directions here.

Also on SUNDAY is another ROADTRIP! This one to DC for the ever popular CraftyBastards! If you are down in DC - be sure to check out British Flashcards merch by CharlieandSarah and TheHandOfFatima will also be there with her eclectic jewelry line incorporating cameos, keys and other ephemera into romantic designs. Have fun you guys!

And most of all - STAY DRY!


Karen's Monsters Birthday Party Sale!

In honor of my birthday (not the monsters') I'm throwing a party, and it's your good luck that it also means a sale!

There are two ways you can benefit from this.

1) July 19th thru July 27th visit my etsy store for free shipping to anywhere in the world on anything in my shop. AND you get a free party goodie bag filled with handmade samples and fun party toys (I couldn't resist).

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Thanks and hope that you enjoy the party!


Why Buy Handmade?

While many of us enjoy buying beautiful, hand-crafted goods, we don’t always think of the positive impact our purchases have on our lives and community. In support of our Indie-pendence theme this month, I have 5 reasons to buy handmade.

1. Supports Local Economies
Buying from local businesses (crafters and artists) that are buying their supplies locally, you are putting your money back into the local economy, instead of large conglomerates that funnel their money to a headquarters across the country or across the world.

Skirt by BetterThanJam

2. Builds Community
Supporting local artists allows a flourishing artistic community. It’s not just the local artists that benefit. It invites more galleries and boutiques as well as community artists projects, gardens, murals, arts education, and more.

Painting by ArtByIris photographed in front of the Brooklyn Bridge

3. Better Quality Goods
You know exactly what’s gone into each product and can speak with the crafter about the why and how of making each piece. In addition to the detailed craftsmanship, many handmade goods are made from natural or recycled materials. This and making the products to last for generations instead of years lessens our impact on the natural world.

Veggie Garden Soap Bar by NordeaSoaperie

4. More Beauty in Your Life
Many mundane and practical pieces used in everyday life can be enhanced by using instead beautifully crafted handmade goods. Beauty makes the soul rest easier and smiles more prevalent.

Cloth Napkins by Cakehouse

5. Responsible Buying
No sweatshops, less than minimum wage workers, nor corporate outsourcing. It feels good to be connected to where our goods come from, to know that each piece was made with joy and completed by one or maybe a handful of people.

Robot Card by MamaRobot

Supporting handcrafted goods means we can become responsible for where our money goes and what we bring into our lives: beauty, health, and community.