Men's or Unisex Shopping: Neckwear Edition

This morning when my boyfriend and I met at the door to go out, coincidentally we were both wearing jeans with matching grey sweaters. Given the limited closet space in our NYC apartment, combined with the fact that the "one-for-you, one-for-me" shopping style is something I struggle to resist, unisex shopping seemed particularly appealing today. So this month check out my posts that are perfect for him or her (or me).

Today's edition is devoted to adorning the gender neutral neck!

Winterizing the wardrobe can be particularly macho with the addition of chains (your car tires get them!) by shutterkate. Pay no attention to the dress on the model. :)

For dressing up, there are ties for both serious and whimsical occasions. Brush up on your fancy knots while putting on these by luckx4, ikyoto and another hit by shutterkate.

Often the difference between a women's necklace and a men's necklace is only the weight of the chain. Switch it out for something heavier on these choices from Sarah Kathleen Warner, Salt and Paper, and Metal Sugar.

Finally, if your interest in men's neckwear is more academic, check out this illustration from Allene La Spina for a fun history lesson.


Wedding DIY: Ribbon Flower How-To

I love the look and ease of making homemade ribbon flowers, but seldom have the occasion. So when wedding season rolled around here at the NewNew, I was happy to have an excuse to share a couple with you.

The only supplies and skills that you need are ribbon (I prefer it with wires removed if it is floral wire, but that is to taste), needle, thread, beads and the ability to sew a running stitch.

Primrose (4-petal flower)

Start with 4 pieces of ribbon cut to 3.5" lengths. The dotted line indicates the stitching path you will take. You don't really need to mark it, I just keep it approximately 1/8" from the finished edge and 1/4 from the raw edge.

Start with the first petal and do a running stitch around the 3 edges. Pull thread tightly when you reach the end.

Sew one loop through the gathered ribbon to keep the petal together tightly. Without cutting thread, repeat on the next piece of ribbon, pulling it next to your first one. Remember to sew the loop between petals and repeat for petals #3 and #4.

Sew #4 to your first petal in a ring. Add a few additional stitches to keep the center together adding beads to some of the stitches. Tie off your thread at the back with a knot and admire your handiwork!

Daffodil or Fuchsia (5-petal with trumpet center)

Cut one 10" length of ribbon, marking lightly in pencil every 2" of your outer edge of the finished flower. The dotted line across the top is the stitch line for the trumpet, which you can mark if you need a guide (I like to freehand it).

Sew your ribbon into a ring with a running stitch and pull thread tight. Follow along your trumpet stitch line all the way around the ring.

Before you pull the thread tight, flip your trumpet edge through the center so the raw edges are on the under side of your flower. Pull the thread tight and it should look like the picture on the right.

Sew out to one of your marks from the center of the to the edge and pull tight. Like in the primrose, sew a loop to secure. Repeat at all 4 remaining marks (the 4th is your stitch that made the ribbon into a ring). Then add beads to the center to style your flower.

I glued together a few of these flowers along with a ribbon to make a simple bridal hair clip. The addition of the blue ribbon is so it can qualify as the traditional "something blue." Ribbon flowers would also make a fabulous veil base, boutonniere, mother-of-the-bride corsage, wedding favor, etc.

Why not dress up your creations with some beads from the {NewNew} team?

SweetSwoozie for crystal or GlassHouseSupplies for something more colorful.