You are what you wear

As a customer who often frequented indie markets, craft shows and the like; I noticed something about the way I shopped. I was always attracted to the booth by the display, organization and of course the goods. I'm sure that's true for most shoppers. However, being that I'm a huge supporter of the handmade movement I also look for something else. I look at the seller and interestingly enough, what he/she wears. It's mostly an unconscious act; but I find myself more attracted to the seller and what they sell if their style of dress match. To me, seeing any kind of commercially branded logo seems out of place to me especially if what they are selling is handmade.

I'm not saying that for all of you sellers out there to go out and start changing your wardrobe, but do keep in mind that it may make a difference; albeit a subtle one.
Here I am trying to keep a cohesive "handmade" look with Kimm's tee.

Please share your thoughts as a buyer or a seller. I'd love to hear!
Wai Sze