What are YOU doing for Halloween?

Oh so much to do in the city for Halloween! Here are some ideas if you are trying to scramble to get a Halloween costume together and hit the town.

Tonight at Etsy labs - is an Open craft night - the perfect opportunity to drop by and put the final seems on your costume. They will also have pumpkincarving tools on hand for those of you who happen to pick up an orangy goard on your way over - 325 Gold Street, Brooklyn (4-8pm)

On THURSDAY - October 30 - Threadbanger is hosting a Halloween Costume Bash at The Mercury Lounge at 8pm - complete with Janome giveway, organic treats and DIY giveaways. You can RSVP by emailing ThreadbangerParty@gmail.com to get on the guest list by tomorrow!

If you can't make it to that and still want to strut your stuff you can go to the annual Halloween Parade on FRIDAY October 31 - down Sixth Avenue - starting at 7pm.

The Park Slope Halloween Parade is from 6.30 to 8 down 7th Avenue.

If parades are not your thing - you can train it up to St. John the Divine on 112 street for their Halloween Extravaganza which will include projection of the Phantom of the Opera with organ accompaniment with a procession of ghouls afterward which includes the spooky puppets of Ralph Lee - shows at 7 and 10 - tickets are $15.

Know of any other Halloween parades going on in your local neighborhoods?

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