Suds! Cleaning up Indie Style

"Suds! Cleaning up Indie Style"
By Lorina of

Quick! Name 5 commercial soap bars! Right! Now what do many of these have in common?

Lack of glycerin: a naturally occurring by-product of soapmaking (oils + lye= soap & glycerin.) Independent soap makers typically don’t have the equipment to remove it. Commercial soap makers actually go through the steps of removing it so as to be more profitable by selling it for use in other products.

Removal of glycerin tends to contribute to dry skin conditions. Commercial soap also contains many chemicals intended to increase the shelf life of the products which also end up drying and irritating your skin.

Enter the Independent Soap Maker.

Independent soapmakers take the time to include wonderful oils and butters like shea butter, cocoa butter, hemp oil, etc. These oils are great for the skin, and help add to the conditioning qualities of the soap. This all adds up to softer, less irritated skin.

Independent soap makers can also design soap specific for your skin needs and have the ability to really respond to your preferences in ingredients.

Nordea, of, tells me that her soaps are free from detergents and unnecessary chemicals and have just the right formula for everyone's needs. She can even customize a soap for orders of a half dozen or more.

By supporting independent soap makers, you are voting with your dollars letting the commercial soap makers know that you won't accept chemicals and inferior soap products.