"Green" Beauty

Here's a quick and easy tip for maintaining a youthful look:
Take off your makeup before you go to bed!

Don't be a bum about this, for it truly can be an easy way to lessen the dreaded wrinkles and crows feet from forming on your face any sooner than they need to.

I know for some it can be a pain to remove makeup, and products out there for the task can be dreadfully wasteful or harmful to the environment. So, I propose a two-step green beauty solution...

1. Use a combination of olive oil and water as a natural oil-based makeup remover.
2. Use wash cloths or makeup removal pads (see image above) that can be washed and reused instead of buying cotton balls and other throw-away removal items.

Think of all the cotton balls you'd save, and how appreciative your skin will be if you take these easy steps to a beautiful you!