Fasten it!

Seeking professional help......
Do you sew and get frustrated every time you need to pull out your home style grommet(eyelet) machine? Or think it would be great to add snaps to your product, but don't know how...
Closures and fasteners are two very important elements when making a garment or a handbag. Very often they can also be used as a decorative element.
I say when you don't know how, it is the perfect time to contact a professional who does have the know how. Working at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC I have acquired some great resources that I would like to share.Buttonholes, snaps- and grommets(eyelets)...
My recommendations are:

1. Steinlauf & Stoller Inc
239 West 38th St( Bet,. 7th & 8th)
hand and machine-covered buttons, snaps, eyelets

2. Johnathan Embroidery Plus
236 West 38th St ( Bet 7th and 8th)
butttonholes, appliques, covered buttons, snaps, eyelets

And for scissors...
If you have a really great scissors that just isn't working the way it should anymore...
Get it sharpened!!!
1.Pollacks Supply Corp
222 West 29th Street ( Bet 7th & 8th)

2. Henry Westpfal & Co. 
115 West 25th Street ( Bet 6th & 7th)

3. Garment Center Sewing
252B West 37th St. ( Bet. 7th & 8th)

And lastly, the zipper...

I've been told that there is a great little shoe repair shop at 270 W 39th Street which will put in your zipper. I also know that many go to their dry cleaners when they want it to be done for them. It's worth checking out if you don't like doing it yourself.

Hope these tips help you. If you are not in NY look for a professional near you.

Happy fastening..