Creativity on Parade in NYC at a Halloween Tradition

Creativity on Parade in NYC at a Halloween Tradition
By Lorina/

I LOVE the Village NYC Halloween Parade! I'm not talking all the usual suspects, like Batman, and other caped no! I'm talking about all the really clever, and creative costumes that you just cannot pay for, because, well, they just don't sell them!!!

This year was particularly interesting, in it's 35th year, not just because the very comfortable weather wooed more than it's fair share of revelers, but also because
it's an election year, and that means really funny political statements come out for a walk up 6th Ave. This being NYC and very democratic, anyone dressed as a republican candidate would have a twist. Take this one: Bush in a toilet "necklace".

There was also a reminder to vote, as in this "virtual voting booth" costume.

Several also dressed as Sarah Palin, yelling "Don't vote for me!"

Then there were the recycled variety. These always get my attention. Everything from Ketchup packets to Metrocards, no refuse to be....refused!

Hope to see you next year at the Village Halloween Parade!