Black Widow Bling**

I like Halloween, but I've never been an over-the-top Halloween person. I prefer my costumes subtle and chic. In one short crafty afternoon, you too can sport this slightly creepy, but oh-so-cute sparkly spider & web for Halloween this year!

You will need:
• Spider pattern (download here!)
• Scraps of black fabric (the spider is small, so I say the sparklier the better)
• Big scraps of netting or lace
• 2 beads or sequins (Or embroidery thread if you are feeling ambitious!)
• flat-head bobby pin
• small amount of cotton/stuffing
• needle & thread
• hot glue gun (or other strong craft glue).

Cut out two spider bodies from your black fabric. Pin the spider bodies with right sides together. Stitch the two bodies together, leaving an opening about an inch long.
Turn the Spider body right side out and stuff.

Slip stitch the opening closed.

The spider legs are formed by folding a black pipe cleaner. Bend one pipe cleaner approximately 5/8” from one end and fold it back on itself. Twist this double-length slightly together.
Bend the pipe cleaner again at the base of the first leg and approximately 1 “ from the base. Twist this double length again. Repeat for the remaining two legs, but make these slightly longer.
You should have 3 or 4 inch inches of pipe cleaner left once you have folded 4 legs. Fold and gently twist this extra back around the base of the legs. This will help to stabilize the legs. You will also use this pipe cleaner “platform” to sew the legs to the body. Now shape the legs into a gentle curve.

Repeat this process with a second pipe cleaner to make a second set of 4 legs.

Stitch the two leg sets to the back/belly of the spider, just behind the head.

Cut two circles of netting or lace. One should be about 6" in diameter and the other should be 8"-10". Sew a smallish (1"-2") circle of loose running stitches in the center of each.
Draw the running stitches together to gather the circles into a ruffle. (I did each circle separately when I made my spider. If I were to make this again then I would sew/gather them simultaneously...a little less work!)

Flip the spider over and sew the gathered circles to his belly, over the legs. Sew several tight stitches to secure your thread, but don't cut it just yet.

Center the bobby pin over the gathers/spider belly and tack it down with a few stitches. This is just to hold it temporarily so that you can keep your fingers clear when you are gluing. I put the open end of the bobby pin towards the back of the spider because I wanted it to look like he was crawling down toward my face. Reverse this if you want him crawling up into your hair.
Sew small beads to the spider's face for eyes. You could also use sequins here—or go nuts and embroider a cool face!

Secure the bobby pin to the spider and her web with glue.

Happy Haunting!

**The geek in me feels the need to point out that she's not really a black widow unless you embroider that tell-tale fiddle shape on her back.