The {NewNew} September wrap up!

Handmade Cavalcade
We hosted our first event! This one up in Beacon NY - The Handmade Cavalcade. It was a resounding success! Customers coming up from NYC and the town stopping in to say hi and shop. Search Handmade Cavalcade on flickr for our photos. So now we have a website set up and mailing list for our future Handmade Cavalcade's so tell your friend's and join our mailing list to stay current with news.

We've started a Monday giveaway! And it's been great. We've had prizes donated by LoveForever, KimmChi, LittleLoveBlue, BlueStitchBooks and ThirdFloor so far this month. All you have to do is blog about the item to be entered to win the item! Check back on Mondays for new contest and last week's winner's.

September was all about display and home in a promotion we like to call Nesting. we got tons of posts this month (really increasing our site traffic as well) with great How-To's from cakehouse, RedBridge, SaltAndpaper, lapistolera, Fubabee, LoveForever, KnitKnit, KarensMonsters and WabisabiBrooklyn. The posts ranged from how to display jewelry, mementos and object arrangements to how to make a bath mat out of an old towel and how to organize, cook and even buy your own home!

Sept 25, 2008 - Pulp Sushi is the Featured Meme at Sweet Figments.
Sept 18, 2008 - WhipUp.Net loves Cakehouse's tutorial.
Sept 17, 2008 - SimplyKnitting reposts a link to MayLuk's tutorial.
Sept 15 2008 - EastOfNYC blogs about SarahKathleenWarner and AdornmentsNYC .
Sept 12 2008 - ThreadBanger reposts a link to WabisabiBrooklyn's post about green cleaning products.
September 8, 2008 - Pulp Sushi is featured at Glamasaurus

Stay tuned in October as we take over Atlantic Avenue at the Atlantic Antic (Oct 5) and for a FREE sock Monkey Making workshop at the Etsy abs with all monkeys being donated to FreshArts.Org. (Oct 25)