How-To: Attend the Handmade Cavalcade!

Hey all - here is my little how-to on getting yourself up to Beacon this weekend for the Handmade Cavalcade! You can rent a zip car and drive on up from the city or join the other straphangers by public transporting it up to Beacon.

Option 1
1 - Car
2 - Driver

Optional supplies: GPS enabled i-phone, buddy with a map
And these simple directions:

Take the George Washington Bridge to Palisades all the way up to the Bear Mt. Bridge. Fastest way to get up to the Palisades on a Saturday would be the West Side Highway or FDR drive then go on the upper level of the bridge if you can - if you end up on the lower level no problem, stay in the far right and pay attention to the signs to get onto the Palisades since the exit is the first on the right (the upper level turns directly into the Palisades from the right lane on the bridge). Take the Palisades to the Bear Mt. Bridge, it's at the end after exit 19.

Once over the Bear Mt. Bridge take a left on 9D towards Cold Spring, stay on this road for about 20 minutes and you'll hit Beacon (you have to go through Cold Spring then the next town is Beacon). Turn right at Main Street and follow it around until you hit North Cedar St. Turn left and the workshop is behind the yellow Paper Presence shop. The workshop is on the right side of the street and there are two garage doors which will be open with signs out for the Cavalcade.

Option 2
1 - Subway/Bus
2 - MetroNorth train

Beacon is on the Hudson Line from Grand Central Terminal - make sure to take a train with Poughkeepsie as the last stop. You can find the train schedule here: Buy an off peak ticket - make sure to sit on the left side of the train so you can see enjoy the view.

From the Metro North Beacon station, it's a 10 minute stroll to Main Street or you can take the Beacon trolley which runs hourly loops from the train station to Main Street. The Handmade Cavalcade is right in the middle of town across from the library - you can't miss us!

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