Top 5 reasons to Craft with Kids: #5

The fifth in our five-part series on the Top 5 Reasons to Craft with Kids comes to us from Allene of allenelaspina:

Every Christmas we made sure we did crafty stuff with my Mom and my sister:
we always made decorations for the tree (paper circles that link together
as "guirnaldas"); threaded together popcorn garlands; and made Santa and Mrs. Claus from toilet paper rolls. We would dress the cardboard cylinders
with red crepe paper and cotton. It was great to bond with each other and
it also helped me realize from an early age that we all have different
takes on things and at the same time if we work together we can come out
with a beautiful product.

I think in general, having done so many crafts as a kid has helped me
strengthen my visual skills and my strategies to problem solving.
It's good to realize that I can use my hands and my brain to create things.