NewNewInterview with Jen of Indie Fixx

In honor of our "Indie-pendence" themed month, I decided to interview some of the best indie style bloggers around. First up is Jen of

1. So tell us a little about your site and how you got started?
I run the blog Indie Fixx ( and the indie boutique called the Indie Fixx Shop ( I’ve pretty much always been into artisan goods, even as a kid when I enjoyed going to craft shows, farmers’ markets, museum shops, local festivals and the beach, all of which are places to find handmade goods. I’ve also been a maker and a seller myself, since the 5th grade when I opened up my ribbon barrette business. Then in 2004, I started my own jewelry line called Tilting Swiftly, so I come by the love of indie-made goods honestly.

2. What do you look for when featuring an artist?
Hmm, this is a difficult question and one that I’m not really sure that I have a good answer for. I do have to be inspired to write and feel that I’ve chosen something that my audience would like to read about. Also, good product photography is a must…I actually can’t stress how important good product photography is to getting featured on blogs in general.

3. Suggestions on how to generate buzz about your products?
Constantly reinvent yourself and your product line. Good photography. Have a story.

4. What not to do when contacting sites like yours?
Don’t send attachments that are 12 million megs in size, instead a url or 1-2 small images will suffice. Don’t just send a press release; make sure to add a little note.

5. What blogs do you follow to stay current?
Believe it or not, I don’t actually have time to read a lot of blogs. I used to, but then I decided it would be a good idea to keep adding projects to my life.

6. What trends do you see developing? What products or styles are hot?
I’m waiting to see what’s going to be the next pirate/owl/ninja/hedgehog/zombie/octopus/bird myself!

7. Do you see yourself embracing new media to reach your audience (podcasting, video)?
Maybe, but I don’t have any plans in the works yet.

8. What do you think sets you apart from other design blogs?
Hmm, maybe my goofiness….

9. Is blogging more of a hobby or do you see this becoming a long term career choice?
Running the Shop and writing the Blog is my full-time job, and I sure do hope it is a long-term career.


A special thanks to Jen for taking the time for this interview. Be sure to check out Jen at Indie Fixx ( and the Indie Fixx Shop (

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