Indie*Pendence from Joanns and Michael's!!!

(Claude from KarensMonsters is Red White + Blue! Indie*pendence Day Monster!)

That's right, this Indie*Pendence month, put your money where your mouth is and do your supply shopping at local retailers. Yes, that's right, back away from the internet and go take a look at the wares of some of these New York supply shops:

Brooklyn • Williamsburg
THE YARN TREE, 347 Bedford Avenue, between South 3rd and South 4th St

Brooklyn • Bayridge
BEVERLY TRIMMINGS, 7820 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209
Karen from KarensMonsters says " They're incredibly knowledgeable, sell a little bit of everything and can always get what I want and their prices are at least comparable, if not cheaper, than some of the larger or discount stores. I also love the fact that I can go in and dig around to see what treasures I can find. It's paradise for a sewer like me."

Brooklyn • Waterfront district
UNION MAX, 110 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
MaryAnne from WabisabiBrooklyn says "An ever-changing collection of vintage glass beads & findings, costume jewelry, clothing, books, toys, linens, housewares & unusual finds at great prices. Open F-Su:1-7 or serendipity."

Manhattan • East Village
DOWNTOWN YARNS, 45 Avenue A, New York City New York 10009, (212) 995-5991

Manhattan • Soho
THE POINT, 37a Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014
A cafe and supply shop where you can buy a yearly membership to get great discounts on supplies!

Tarrytown • New York
FLYING FINGERS YARN SHOP, Flying Fingers is just a short walk up Main Street from the Tarrytown Station, 914-631-4113 - Passed on by Marilyn of PulpSushi.

If you know of any in your neighborhood that I didn't mention - let me know in the comments!

And there is always your local Etsy selling supply shops

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