{NewNew} Slide show

So with all of the Storque How-To's from Bre Petis about creating videos, he subliminally got to me. But one problem, I don't have any video to work with, though I think we do have a video camera somewhere around here. Well, you gotta work with what you have, and I had some photos from our team flickr account, and I'm on a mac so I have imovie. Voila! Introducing The {NewNew} York Etsy Street Team - well at least those of you I had good photos of with your merch.

It's mostly of us from the Brooklyn Flea, as that's what we have photos of, but there are some other ones thrown in, like Josh of Dripstick from BUST (sorry Josh, I didn't have one of just you! send me one) and Karen of KarensMonsters at the Habana Outpost market.