Etsy in Italiano

As I prepare for my trip to Sicily, I find myself using the "Shop Local" feature on Etsy to look for Etsy sellers from Italy. As with all of Etsy, there is a broad range of shops. Here are a few of my favorites.

Quality Italia sells boxes and more hand crafted out of Sicilian hardwoods.

The Murano-trained, Rome-based artist behind izzy creates striking, modern jewelry with her lampwork beads.

Genoans Matteo and Francesca of Sunflower Design offer a veritable garden full of bags in colors that range from the subdued to the psycheldic.

Coccole di Lana (loosely translated: "woolen cuddles" [sounds better in italian]) has some stunning capelets, scarves, neck warmers, vests, and shrugs made from high-quality yarns.

Wendy Humphreys of ALPHABETTISPAGHETTI splits her time between Italy and the UK. Her beautiful jewelry is entirely hand crafted.

And lastly, nel dubbio disegna fiori (WHEN IN DOUBT DRAW FLOWERS) uses vinage vinyl wallpaper from the 70s to make everything from wallets to boxes.

It's certainly gotten me revved up for my trip to dip into the Italian made goodies on Etsy. Perhaps that's the way to go to buy souvenirs if your travel plans this summer are more of the armchair variety.
Cíao for now!