Father's Day Family Sketchbook

Each Father's Day my family struggles to think up a new and inventive way to say "We Love You dad"! My dad is not a Tie-Wearing-Dad, nor is he a Suit-Wearing -Dad, nor a Coffee- Drinking-Dad nor a Writing-In -Journals sort of Dad. So this has always been challenging.

He is more of a I'm-a-chemist -but-i-really-want -to-be-a-painter sort of Dad! The sort of Dad who would go out to a nearby farm on his lunch break to draw the cows as they grazed up and down in the grass.

So this year we decided to try and get the whole family involved in a present that he would really enjoy and be able to look back at for years to come. I had read about three artists that shared a sketch book and each would draw on one page and then pass it on to the next, with each drawing inspiring the next. I thought this would be a great project to replicate with my own family.

All you need is:
-1 sketch book or blank journal
-Various art supplies, pens pencils, markers etc
-A sizeable pre-paid US Postal Office envelope

Now all you need to do is have each family member draw on a given page. We started our's with the youngest - my nephew drew a whole "My Family" drawing which included hearts and dogs. His mother took some inspiration from that and drew her son with the two dogs in their yard. I am working on a portrait of my nephew.

Once we have all had our go at sketching in the book, I will present the book to my Dad on father's day with instructions (and a prepaid flat rate shipping envelope) for him to mail it back to the next participant so we can keep the family sketchbook active.

I think I've finally found a gift that he will truly love to take part in.
Do post comments below about any interactive gifts that you've participated in.