Soy Candles: Natural Choice for a Wedding

The growing trend for brides of today is toward handmade and recycled elements to creatively reduce waste of precious resources. We’ve seen innovative ways to recycle vintage wedding gowns, how to make handmade flowers and containers, creative ideas for wedding and shower favors, and host of eco-friendly ideas to consider for your wedding, shower and reception.

One oft-neglected element is candles. Who doesn’t love them, especially at a wedding? They have deep spiritual symbolism as the guiding light for two people beginning a new life together. They testify to the solemn vows spoken during the ceremony and bring ambiance to the celebration. We feel their presence from the subtle glow that gives the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Brides love candles and lots of them. But have you considered the amount of waste in the many candles on your table? What about the smoke and irritants they emit into the air? Did you know that paraffin is classified as a chemical preservative? In addition, paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product, so the candles often emit smoke into the air. Who likes that?

A new up and coming technology is using soybeans as a wax base. It is an exceptional alternative to paraffin. Soy wax is completely vegan and renewable, the candles are long-lasting and clean-burning and also supports the local farming industry The wax has a beautiful creamy texture and also exceptional scent throw, both lit and unlit. An added bonus is the ability to clean the used container with hot soapy water – no scraping and scrubbing!

Marty Vanslette, owner of provides beautiful handmade soy candles for weddings, showers and parties. After working with paraffin wax for many years, she moved to NYC and left her supplies in storage. When she began reading about soy wax, she took her molds and supplies out of storage and decided to give soy wax a try. She was totally amazed with the creamy texture and superior properties of the soy wax so she began making a variety of candles as gifts before setting up shop on the internet. Unscented pillars, votives and tea lights are her best seller for large gatherings. She also assembles shower and party favors with an assortment of soy candles attractively wrapped. She exclusively uses EcoSoya wax which is guaranteed 100% soybean and carefully selected botanical oils. From their website: “Every ingredient has met with the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration and Kosher Certification criteria. EcoSoya™ soy waxes are FREE from pesticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Material”.

Marty hand-pours each candle and tests each candle type to ensure they burn property. In addition, she has a unique buy-back program and will repurchase unused wax to recycle into new candles. What better way to make your wedding even more eco-friendly and guilt-free?

-Marty, DewOnAPetal
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