A Proposal Story in Paris

A brief background: My husband Mike & I are college sweethearts. We met through one of my best friends, whom at the time was trying to find me a boyfriend. She didn't however, push Mike towards me because he didn't seem to be my type. I think she was right, he wasn't my type, but lo and behold, he was the One I was going to marry 9 years later.

The proposal happened in the beautiful city of Paris on May 13th. It was right after a horrible dinner at a tourist oriented French bistro. Mike suggested we take a stroll to Notre Dame. We spent some time inside and then Mike lured me towards the garden. Sadly for him, the "gated" garden was closed for the evening! He seemed very disappointed and at the time I didn't understand why.(We came here on the first day of arrival.) We proceeded to loiter in front of the Notre Dame for a good 15 minutes. At this time, I started to wonder if something fishy was going on.

After 7.5 years of being with him, I knew this day would come, but I really didn't expect it to happen in Paris (then again, why not Paris?) so I was a bit delusional trying to figure out if he really was planning on proposing or was I really just imagining things. It took Mike another 15 minutes to finally find a spot on a bridge behind the Notre Dame. Unfortunately, by the time he actually proposed, I was in a bit of a daze. (The dude made me wait ½ an hour!) He did go down on one knee, but I made him get up right away (I get embarrassed easily.) The last thing I saw was my rock, I eventually said "yes" and that was that. It was truly perfect.

In retrospect, he almost had to propose at the Eurostar rail station 2 days prior(en route from London to Paris) because he hid my ring in his back pack. The security guard thoroughly searched his bags and almost pulled out the ring (stored in a PSP plastic holder) while I was there standing next to him. So.. although I had to wait ½ hour, I'm glad it didn't happen at a rail station!

What was your proposal like? For those not yet married, how do you imagine it would be?

Oh how I wish I could be in Paris right now.

Wai Sze