Frugal & Fanciful: A Tip for Engagement Parties and Bridal Showers

When it comes to bridal showers and engagement parties, frugal and fanciful can go hand in hand. All it takes is a little bit paper and some DIY spirit! Here are some great ideas that anyone can tackle:

Candy stations provide a pretty backdrop to your event. It also creates a fun gathering place for all the sweet-toothed guests. Wrap your favorite candy in colorful tissue and twist the ends together. Add a sticker to personalize.

Not only do favors make great decor, it is versatile enough to accommodate any style and budget. Use origami paper squares and double-sided tape to create a pouch. Fill with sweets, tie with ribbon and add a mini tag, and voila! Fun and festive treats for all.

Your gift as a centerpiece? You bet! Cut out heavy corrugated paper to form "cake layers" to wrap your gift. Tape ribbon around the edges to cover the seams. Create flowers by using tissue paper and cleaning pipes.

Your bride-to-be will get a kick out of it!