Custom Wedding Mirrors

The words "cool" and "wedding gift" are rarely used together, but when it comes to Joan Huggard, they are. My husband and I married in Vegas, and Joan's gift to us - a stained glass mirror surrounded by pictures from the occasion - was by far one of our favorites, certainly the most unique and, of course, cool. Whether they're for yourself or someone else, I highly recommend Joan's products to anyone who is looking for that inimitable and one-of-a-kind creation.
Consider yourself a creative person and don't want to order from a bridal registry...Want to give something completely unique this time around...
What does one generally do with their wedding photos anyway? Maybe one will up in a silver frame, the rest most likely reside in an album on a shelf somewhere. Why not showcase them in a way that the couple can be constantly reminded of their "special day".

Joan Huggard of Citybitz will use your very own photographs to create a unique gift which will be cherished for years to come.

Here are a few examples:

We hang our mirror photo collage at the entrance hall of our home, where it is prominently on view. We get an array of compliments from it every time someone enters. It's an awesome conversational piece.

Joan exceptionally seems to have immersed herself in our mirror. I've known Joan as a friend for over five years. She is a distinctive and charismatic person, and I vow that she puts an extension of herself in her work. This is evident in the way Joan intuitively selects the photographs based on people, places and moments, in order to capture the very essence of our mirror's collage theme.

Joan has a rare gift for combining the personalities, emotions, and underlying feelings of an event. The picture of our first kiss as the official married us, placed perfectly behind the snap shots of a rustic Mexican valley, is a classic that my husband and I will treasure forever. Our family was so impressed with the mirror photo collage, that we commissioned her for another for our in-law's anniversary.

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