Pre-Earth Day Team Swap

What is it about spring that inspires one to sort, edit, and organize their belongings? The lengthening days, casting an unforgiving light on the piles of accumulating unused supplies? The extra energy that accompanies the blooming trees and warmer air? No doubt it is something primordial - straighten up the cave before summer arrives!

Whatever the reason, what is one to do with the resulting bags of perfectly wonderful yet no-longer-necessary-to-you stuff?

Last night several members of the {New New} tackled this seasonal dilemma by participating in a swap at the home of jewelry designer and all around crafty chica Joanne Tracy. Needless to say, the attendees brought a fascinating assortment of goods ranging from fabric, beads, and fancy paper to clothing and lamp shades! (And of course wine - everyone brought wine. It is ill-advised - if not impossible - to host a swap without libations of some sort.)

Almost everyone found a treasure to take with them (the most recent issues of the New Yorker - score!), and whatever items did not find a taker will be donated to a local church that does a lot of charity work in the neighborhood.

If you'd like to know how to host your own swap according to Real Simple magazine, be my guest. But it really wasn't that complicated. Put the stuff people bring out on tables to rummage through. Give them wine and delicious homemade cookies. Bask in the warm glow that comes from keeping a whole lotta stuff out of a landfill.