From Aluminum Cans to Jewelry

Every day at lunch, my friend drinks an Arizona Green Tea. And every day, I look at the cherry blossoms on the side of the can and think about how awesome they would look incorporated into a cute pendant or pair of earrings.

So I took home a couple of the cans, and with some other stuff I had laying around the house, turned them into this:

What you'll need:
-any soda/juice/iced tea can. There are so many different drinks with pretty cool designs on them.
-a Sharpie (or any other permanent marker)
-eyelet setter
-a disc or stamping, any shape you like
-hole punch
-earwires or chain, depending on what you'd like to make
-an x-acto blade (or plain old scissors if you're a reckless crafter like me)

Use the X-acto blade to cut off the top of the can, then use the scissors down the sides of the can to cut out the parts you want to use. Be careful, the edges of the cans are pretty sharp! I usually cut the can into more manageble square shapes.

Next, use the marker to trace the shape onto the piece of can. I find that it's easier to trace from the front, to make sure I get the exact part of the design I want. In this case, I traced a circle to mimic the shape of the disc:

Take the cut out shape and arrange it on top of the disc/stamping. I taped mine down to prevent it from sliding around. Use the hole punch to make holes wherever you would like to set the eyelets. I made one at the top and bottom, but you can go crazy if you want!

Set the eyelets in the holes, add a jump ring and chain, and voila! You could also make earrings, keychains, or a bracelet!