Friday Night Beauty Tip

Seeming as Spring is around the corner I wanted to dedicate this week’s tip to the use of color. Color can be used to beautify a room, a wardrobe, or a face. The Colors of Spring are always in demand; some include yellow, green, blue, and flowers in bloom. Try an accent of sunshine yellow or spring leaf green in the kitchen or bathroom. The usage of foliage, towels, or even some new artwork can bring spring vibes into the home. A sky blue cardigan or tunic sweater would spruce up your wardrobe. But if you want to be daring, try a deep Petunia color lipstick, which will definitely bring a smile to your lips and everyone around you. For a truly unique experience try the colors together as a mixed bouquet in your workspace or office!!

Friday night Beauty tip is brought to you by: Josie creator of Hamsa Custom Crafts
“Beauty in the everyday”